A Brief Comparison of US L1 and H1B Visa, Advantages

The US–the land associated with opportunities, dreams and better life standard, &Hollywood has always been the center stage for immigration, and it has the highest percentage of immigrants in its population. Out of the 318.9 million residents in US, 10% represent immigrants from other countries. So, what is it that drives immigrants?

Basically, it is the demand for jobs. The country provides temporary stay jobs through different visa categories, like L1 and H1B visa, to fill the demand and supply hiatus. Given this–if you are alien to these two visas, and you are setting forth a journey that passes through the great “Statue of Liberty” –you must get some ideas about these two visas.

Let’s draft a comparison of L1 and H1B visa and take a sneak peak at what it does and what are its advantages.

You can only be granted L1 visa in case you have shown core competency and skill-set in any managerial, executive and professional/specialized knowledge segment. Hence, if you are working in a multinational, probabilities are more for movement. However, in case of H1B visa, specialization comes into play. So you would be granted this visa only when you are categorized under the heads, like pharmacist, architecture, engineer, mathematician, and scientist.

Let’s look at some of the differences between H1B visa and L1 visa.

The H1B is rigid in terms of educational qualification, and you need a specified degree as per the USCIS in that respective job profile in which you work for acquiring this visa. But, when it comes to L1 visa, no such requirements are demanded. If you are moving through L1 visa to US, it is not mandatory that you should possess the specialization in the job that you are doing. You don’t have to tow in line with you degree when it comes to job. You may have a different job specialization that doesn’t adhere to the degree that you possess.

When it comes to L1 visa, then only those that are associated with multinational can exploit this visa category, whereas H1B is a sponsored visa and it can only be granted by only a US based company operating overseas.

The stay limit also differs in both these visa categories. On the one hand when you are using H1B visa, you can live for six years,and on the other hand, when you are using L1A and L1B visa, you can live for seven and five years respectively.

Take a look at the advantages of L1 visa over H1B visa.

When it comes to L1 visa, the holder can also sponsor their immediate spouse for employment, but such privilege is not granted to holders of the H1B visa. But, when it comes to H1B and wage rate computation, the holders get state prescribed wages, whereas the holders of L1 visa are not given the privilege to fight against exploitation in terms of wages.

The comparison of H1B and LI visa and their advantages are myriad.You just have to figure out is which is the best to be served on your platter this year.

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