A Few Important Information About Application Process- Federal Skilled Worker Class!

We all want that in our dream towards overseas settlement, no hurdle should come in our way. So, to avoid any kind of undue delay or problem in the application process, certain measures can be taken.  There are ways and factors which can facilitate your application process. They are following;

You must submit your documentation and information required with the submission of your application at visa office. Inform them about any changes in your residential area or any other information that is important to your application to the Canadian Visa Office as soon as possible .Please don’t keep bothering the Canadian Visa Office in relation to the status of your application.

Any kind of delay in the application process is not good , so one must avoid to make any careless mistakes like unclear photocopies of required documents or not submitting the translated version(either in English or French) of your original documents. Certain things like some medical condition or some legal problem (like criminal record or security problem, case regarding legal adoption) may force the Canada visa authorities to think twice before accepting your application.

H & C considerations

The ministerial instructions do not consider or favor any candidate based on humanitarian or compassionate request if his/ her application does not meet the necessary requirements and eligibility criteria under the three categories of Federal Skilled Worker class

Permanent resident status: On the acceptance of an application, you and your family members will be allowed the permanent resident visas. As legally permanent residents of Canada, you can move in and out of Canada whenever you wish to.  You or any of your family members can be a part of any educational institute in Canada. You can also avail the various facilities and social benefits given to any other Canadian citizens. But there are few limitations which you have to keep in mind like you can not vote in certain elections. You may not be eligible for certain jobs and your permanent resident status will be stripped off in case of any serious legal crime committed by you or any of your family members. You have to pay taxes and respect the country laws as any other Canadian does. All new permanent residents will be issued a card as part of the process. Your personal information will be available to CIC employees and not to anyone unless you don’t want to.

So, your destination is not far from you, if you keep certain things in your mind and follow them. With the emergence of various visa consultancy companies, the entire process has become very smooth and convenient. So, it’s recommended that you consider hiring the services of an Immigration and Visa Consultant!

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