A Guide on How to Apply for Canada Visitor Visa 2022

A Guide on How to Apply for Canada Visitor Visa 2022

A Canada visitor visa is an official document issued by a Canadian visa office that allows a visitor to come to Canada as a Temporary Resident Visa holder (TRV). Visiting Canada requires you to have the Canada visitor visa which should is not the same as Canada PR visa which is for permanent residence.

There are two types of Canada visitor visa called the single-entry visa and multiple entry visa. A single entry visa is that part of Canada PR process which permits overseas persons to come in to Canada only for a single time.

Whereas a Multiple entry visa permits the holders to come and go from Canada as long as they wish for and till the validity of the visa. You need not worry about the kind of visas you need to select from as majority of the applicants are issued multiple entry visas and only in unique circumstances single visa entry visas are issued.

Much of these multiple entry visas allow the visitors to be able to enter Canada for 6 months at a time and can be valid up to a period of 10 years if you are not looking to settle with a Canada PR visa, this is a great option. But it is upon the visa officer who is issuing a visitor visa how much time he gives you.

Who is required to apply for the Canada Visitor visa?

If you are not a Canadian citizen or resident doesn’t mean you cannot enter the nation as with the Canada Visit visa process. Those with the Canada PR visa are not eligible for the visitor visa even if there is an expiration of their permanent resident card.

For those from the permanent residence category they can go ahead and apply for the permanent resident travel document (PRTD). Even citizens of Canada or dual citizens are not permitted to apply for a Canadian visitor visa.

If you are coming to Canada for business purposes or just transiting through but not as a temporary overseas worker you can apply for a business visitor visa.

Extension of Canada Visitor visa

Be it a single entry or multiple entry visas these Canada visitor visa permit the holders of this visa to legally reside in Canada for 6 months at a time. After this there will be an expiration of your legal status you should leave Canada.

In case you wish to extend your visa after the 6 months should apply to do so during the validity of their temporary resident status. This application for extension should be given 30 days prior to the expiration of your status.

If you’re existing visa expires while the processing of your application for extension you can stay back in Canada until the decision has come out. This is known as an implied status, with which you can even apply for a Canada PR visa.

Eligibility Requirements for a Canada Visit Visa

  • Have a valid passport
  • Health should be in good condition. For proof, you need to undergo a medical examination
  • Absence of any previous criminal records or any immigration-related convictions
  • You need to showcase the intention of your return to your home country once you have visited Canada.
  • Showcase Proof of Funds to be self-sufficient when you are in Canada. The amount of money which will require depends on the duration of your stay and depends on whether you will reside in a hotel or with your family members or friends.
  • State the intended duration of your stay in Canada and temporary residence for the duration of your stay in Canada.
  • You shall also require a medical exam and letter of invitation from someone who comes from Canada and check the list of documents based on your circumstances.

Persons who are not permitted to enter Canada

Some persons are not admissible to Canada which means their entry is banned in Canada, This inadmissibility can be of several reasons such as:

• Criminal activity
• Human rights violations
• organized crime

You can also not be admitted in Canada because of reasons pertaining for security, health as well as financial. Ensure that if you have a minor child traveling with you under the age of 18 on whether they are travelling alone, with someone else, or alone.

You shall not be allowed entry in to Canada if you give false or misleading information. The officer should be convinced that you are qualified for coming in to Canada and shall leave Canada once your stay is over.

Documents required for Canada Visit Visa in 2022

  • Valid passport with an expiry date exceeding six months
  • Documents to showcase ties to your country
  • Two latest passport-sized photos without any borders
  • The photo must not be over 90 days old
  • Show an affidavit or an Invitation letter from your relatives if you plan to live with them when you come to Canada.
  • Medical Clearance certificate
  • Photocopy of your travel itinerary or return ticket
  • Provide any additional documents required by the local visa
  • Give bank statements to prove that you have enough funds to stay in Canada

How to Apply for the Canada Visitor Visa

Step 1 – Check if you are qualified to travel to Canada

Step 2 – Have the documents ready showcasing that you meet the eligibility criteria

Step 3 – Apply Online if you have already completed all the requirements

Step 4 – Provide your fingerprints as well as photo biometrics

Visitor Visa Application Fees

100 CAD for the Visitor visa, including Super Visa per person, single or multiple entries, or temporary resident visas. 500 CAD for the Visitor visa per family, one fee per family of 5 or more people applying simultaneously. 100 CAD for stay extension as a Visitor Visa per person.200 CAD to restore status as a visitor. The fee amount is subject to change without notice.

Canada Visitor Visa Processing Time

The current Canada Visitor visa processing time may vary from individual based on the type of application, temporary residence application type, and the country you are applying from.

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