Abbott Expects Stringent Measures for Immigration!

It has been suggested by Tony Abbott, the Leader of Opposition that the new immigration policy as well as that on population would bring down the number of immigrants by almost ten thousand people. While campaigning along with Colin Barnett, the WA Premier and with Michael Keenan, the Justoms and Customs Spokesman for the Coalition, Mr. Abbott said that there is a lot that he would want to say on the issue of population and immigration.

At the same time, he did not give out any specific figure on the total migration from foreign countries. As per him, during the pinnacle of economic boom where in there has been the maximum demand for skilled labor, the total immigration rate was about twenty thousand people in Australia. Also, this rate increased to 300,000 during the economic downturn along with the downturn of the government. If this rate of 300,000 continues, the nation would have forty three million people by 2050.

The Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard is against Kevin Rudd’s dream of a big Australia, although she is continuing with Rudd’s big Australian Immigration program. Mr. Abbott was campaigning in Fremantle at the Labor Seat. Here, he made $93 million to promote the border security of the nation at the various ports.

Mr. Abbott has also said that they would be able to restore the $58.1 million which was cut out from funding by the Rudd-Gillard government. With this, another $35 million would be added for security screening. This makes it a total of $93.1 million which would enhance the border security of Australia.

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