ABC of Resident Card for Canada You Ought To Know

Resident Card for Canada

Canada much inspires the global community of migrants. It is very much evident from the number of the Permanent Residence (PR) applications that Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), the concerned body, receives every year. The country’s different immigration programmes such as Express Entry, Quebec Skilled Worker Programme, and the Provincial Nominee Programme are most popular among those who are keen to apply for the prized Resident Card for Canada.

Resident Card for Canada

If you aspire to become a Canadian permanent resident someday, then perhaps you must know what it means to have a Resident Card for Canada. Soon after the introduction of the Canada’s Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA), Permanent Resident Card was introduced by the IRCC in June 2002 and is regarded as the country’s property.

Resident Card is valid for five years. However, those whose PR Visa application is being assessed are issued the same only for one year.

Resident Card for Canada

Well, if you have no idea what is a Resident Card, here we go. It is a pocket size plastic card an official proof or legal evidence that you are the permanent resident of the nation. If you have successfully acquired the country’s PR visa, you will automatically become eligible to receive one. You must keep the card with you all the time.

You are eligible for PR Card if:

  1. You are a Canadian permanent resident
  2. You are physically present in the country
  3. You fulfill the residency requirement
  4. Do not have faced the removal orders.
  5. Are Not a Canadian citizen.

Resident Card for Canada Key Points to Remember

As a Canadian Resident Card holder you must remember the following points:-

The IRCC mails the Resident Card: The Resident Card is mailed at your place of abode in Canada. Once you reach the country you must give your address to the IRCC at the earliest, and if there is any change in your place of abode, you must also notify the same to the IRCC.

Essential documents to re-enter the country: If you are travelling abroad you will require your Resident Card to re-enter the country.

If lost inform the IRCC: If your card has been stolen, lost or expired you must, inform the same to the IRCC at the earliest.

It is also used as an ID proof: You can easily use the same to avail many government benefits, social services to open bank account, buy car, etc.

How long does an applicant have to wait before a Resident Card is issued?

Generally, an applicant has to wait for nearly two months to receive a new Resident Card once you have submitted a complete application along with local address. However, those who wish to renew their Resident Card will have to wait a bit longer, for approximately three months.

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