World-Cup OFFER for Clients- Register and Sign from 28th Feb, 2011 to 5th of March, 2011!!

Immigration is a life-changing decision and is best left to people who know their job!

ABHINAV, India’s most tried, trusted and referred Best Immigration Consultant is in business since 1994. ABHINAV is known for its transparency in offered advice. Give mandate of this life-changing decision to immigrate to a country of your choice to ABHINAV and rest assured of unparallel benefit of wisdom that comes with the experience and association with seasoned international associates.

With World-cup fever griping the country, here is another reason to kick-start the process immediately. Register and sign from 28th Feb, 2011 to 5th of March, 2011 and predict the world cup winner. Should your prediction come true, you would get 20% off on the contracted fee – no questions asked. To make the offer more appropriate make only 80% of the payment when you register. You pay balance ONLY if your prediction is not correct. Adding a cherry to this offer, you will get additional 5% off IF your prediction is INDIA and the prediction comes true!

World-Cup OFFER for Clients- Register and Sign

So what are you thinking about? Predicting a WORLD-CUP winner was never that exciting!

Kindly send your resume and if applicable, spousal resume to [email protected] for appropriate advice or simply contact our nearest office.

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