Are You Keen To Find More About SkillSelect Of Australia?

The new immigration system of Australia — which is likely to become operational from July 1, 2012 — is known as SkillSelect.  To be introduced by the Department of Immigration & Citizenship (DIAC), the said program greatly differs from the General Skilled Migration run and managed by Canberra for the overseas migrants.

Thanks to SkillSelect, those who want to shift base to the Kangaroo Land — in their capacities as skilled migrants — will have to submit, what is called an Expression of Interest (EOI), prior to getting an invite or offer of job.

However, it will not rule out the necessity, from the end of the primary applicants, interested in skilled visas, to name a skilled vocation, from the appropriate Skilled Occupations List (SOL), and fulfill the criteria for English language skills, apart from other particular visa criteria.

The new system targets to remarkably cut down on the time period required for processing purposes, and boost both settlement and employment scenario for the overseas professionals, post arrival. And, this will take place via a system — which will enable the state and regional governments, apart from the job-providers of the nation — to use the database made available by the SkillSelect.

Such employers will be in a position to locate those candidates who have the required skills, and also reach them directly to talk about choices related to settlement and employment. After the website on the said system becomes operational from July 1, 2012, a portal will be offered, so that migrants having the relevant skills come up with their details, and their candidature get duly evaluated for the purpose of offering a skilled permit to them.

It must be noted that the proposed changes will not impact, in any manner, those who have already submitted their applications for visa purposes.

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