Accountant (General) Comes under Senior Level Skilled Occupations!

Australia is one of the very popular destinations for skilled immigration. Every year, a huge number of foreign nationals migrate to Australia. Very recently, Australia has announced its new skilled occupation list. Accountant (general) is one of the most demanding skilled occupations in Australia.

The job responsibilities of an accountant involve planning, providing systems and offering services related to the financial needs of organizations along with individuals. An accountant will also have to advice on various requirements regarding associated record-keeping and compliance.

To apply for skilled occupation in Australia, such as: accountant (general), the applicants need to have a level of skill equal to bachelor degree or higher education. However, in certain cases, apart from formal educational qualification, some relevant experience or on-the-job-training may require.

Before your migration to Australia for skilled occupation, your skills will be assessed by the National Assessment Authority of the country. The significant authorities for skilled assessment for this occupation are: CPA Australia, Chartered Accountants and National Institute of Accountants.

In several occupations you have to be registered with or get a license from a native authority in the state or territory where you wish to practice your vocation. If you become a member of your relevant industry association for your vocation, it would be beneficial for you. Registration or licensing is very important in visa application process.

If you are planning to migrate to Australia for job purpose, then opting for skilled occupations would be a great choice. However, the process migration requires a lot of considerations. In this situation, taking the help of experts will be very beneficial for you. Abhinav Immigration is a very reputed company that has been providing the finest immigration services since years.

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