Accused Chinese Granted Canadian Work Permit

A Chinese who was accused of smuggling and is also known as the most wanted in China has been permitted in Canada on a temporary work permit. Lai Changxing alias   Lai Cheong Sing is accused in a smuggling racket involving multibillion dollars. His other offences include cases of bribery as well as avoidance to paying taxes. He escaped to Canada in 1999. However, officials in Canada have made many attempts to get him deported.

The news has been confirmed by Jason Kenney who is the Citizenship and Immigration Minister for Canada. He also said that the decision on the legal battle is still awaited for the Canadian government to announce. Kenney made the announcement in the foyer of the House of Commons.

Post one year after landing in Canada, Lai had applied for the status of a refugee which was denied to him several times. In his defense, he said that he was innocent and if deported, he would be subject to harsh punishment or even be given death penalty by the Chinese government.

As the last alternative prior to being deported to China, Lai had undergone a “Pre – Removal Assessment” conducted by the Immigration Department. This was to find out if the level of risks involved pertaining to torture and death penalty in China. The outcome saw no such threats. More so, the government of China assured that he would not be subject to any ill treatment.

However, a Federal Court judge ordained for another assessment after Lai has appealed for the same to the Federal Court of Canada. The new assessment was ordered for after determining that the original one did not precisely look into the risks pertaining to torture.

As per the work permit granted to Lai, he would be allowed to live and work in Canada. In the meantime, he would have to wait for the judgment involving the risk assessment. However, it has to be noted that the work permit does not provide for any form of status in Canada.

It is also being speculated that Lai’s stay in Canada can turn out to be sour for the relations between Canada and China with the latter asking for the immigrant’s deportation to be brought to justice.

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