The Occupation of Aeronautical Engineer in Australia ASCO 212911!

Are you looking for employment opportunity in Australia? If you are, then, you have every reason to be happy now. The government has recently announced its new skilled occupation list Australia with 13 more added occupations.

The occupation of engineering has been categorized with their specific field of work in this list, such as: aeronautical engineers, agricultural engineers, biomedical engineers, engineering technologists, environmental engineers and naval architects etc.

The interesting part is that most of the occupations in this unit require similar skill level of a bachelor degree or higher educational qualifications. But in some occupations, relevant experience and training during job is required along with the formal qualification.

When it comes to the job responsibilities of an Aeronautical Engineer, it includes supervising the engineering work and performances, such as: designing, developing, manufacturing, maintaining and modifying of aircrafts for journey etc. Apart from these, an Aeronautical Engineer also has to perform several other duties…

  • Designing the components of an aircraft and supporting the equipment
  • Testing stability, controls and other important features of an aircraft in laboratory  along with the conditions of flight
  • Analyzing and resolving problems arising from experiments for ensuring proper operational condition of an aircraft
  • Examining airframes under pressure
  • Supervising the assembly of airframes and the installing engines, instruments and other aircraft equipments
  • Evaluating test flights for ensuring specifications and safety standards of an aircraft
  • Authorizes modifications, repairing and maintaining of aircrafts
  • Consulting with flight personnels and engineers
  • Conducting research on aeronautical engineering

If your current profession is matching to the ASCO 212911 for Aeronautical Engineer, then you could easily qualify for this skilled occupation in Australia. In deciding on that, Australia immigration or visa experts can provide you with all the necessary help.

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