Aeronautical Engineers, Australia Immigration Ready to Welcome You!

If you have dreamt of working as one of the Aeronautical Engineers in Oz or better known as ‘The Land of Kangaroos’ then be happy, because the good news is that the job outlook for your chosen profession in the country is highly positive at the present.

Oz has a booming economy. This amazing country is a hotspot destination among immigrants worldwide. No doubt, increase in the immigration rate has made the widely preferred immigration hotspot as one of the most attractive countries on the world map. Future aspects are considerably high and stable offering you a handsome pay package.

‘Australian Recognition Information’ has made it possible for the overseas Aeronautical engineers to implement their experience and knowledge to build planes, satellites, space crafts, supervise the design, and basic structure of a missile for the Australian air space. Remarkably, the pay package is the best in international market attracting the best of the cream worldwide.

To become a qualified professional, you need to complete a Bachelor’s degree, either B.E or B.Tech or relevant higher degree from recognized institute, along with license and approvals to work on aero crafts. In some cases, along with education qualification, prior work experience of maximum 5 and minimum 3 years is required.

If you are motivated to Australia Immigration and are an Aeronautical Engineer -239911 by profession, you can easily apply through various migration routes including:-

1. Critical profile analysis

Subclass 189 this a permanent resident
Subclass 190 permanent resident
Subclass 489 (provincial nomination class)

2. Subclass 186 under employer nomination route permanent residential class
3. Subclass 187 under regional nomination skills

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migration permanent residential class

‘Australian and New Zealand standard classification of occupations’ ANZSCO Code 239911 has classified the skills to easily commensurate of the credulity of job in two phases:-

  • Skill Level One: – Bachelor’s degree plus five years of demonstrated work experience
  • Skill Level Two: – Advance Diploma plus three years of demonstrated work experience

Key Responsibilities

  • Design aircraft, aircraft components, missiles, satellite and other support equipment’s
  • Analyze aircraft controls, stability and other characteristics in laboratory
  • Examine and solve problems arising after experiments
  • Studies airframes and supervises the assembly of airframes
  • Supervise the installation of engines, relevant instruments and other equipment
  • Analyze test flights to ensure aircraft is ready to fly professionally and meets all safety standards
  • Authorize required modifications, overlook maintenance and repairs
  • Coordinates with other engineers and flight personnel

Scope for Aeronautical Engineers in the country is vast and prosperous all together bringing your career to a different level. With increased demand of new aircrafts, satellites and missiles makes your career as bright as a star. So kick start the immigration process today by simply getting in touch with an experienced Australia Visa Specialist. These visa specialists have all the experience and the information you need to realize your overseas dreams. Avail the guidance of these experts and fly to your dream destination.

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