Aerospace Industry in Quebec!

The aerospace industry in Quebec is one of the top ten (ranked 6th) in the world based on its value of production. After Seattle, the second aerospace centre is at Montreal with about two hundred and sixty companies operating in this sector. This sector in Montreal caters to about forty thousand people to earn a livelihood making the industry a leading employer in Canada. At the same time, this sector is the major contributors towards Research and Development. It is also the leading the exporter when it comes to advanced technology.

Apart from the above, Canada is one of those very few nations in the world which has expertise aerospace design and the manufacturing potential. However, most of the companies established here are subsidiaries of foreign firms. Most of these firms have been allotted and capitalized with authorization to produce for the global market.

This industry is known to bring out the best in electronics, aircraft, communications, simulators, engineering, avionics, and space technology and so on. More so, in the 1990s the annual sales of this particular industry exceeded $13 billion. The exports catered to about 71 percent of the sales on a timely basis.

With specific emphasis being placed on niche markets, the aerospace industry in Canada is the fastest to be growing in the world. Some of the aerospace companies include Bambardier, CAE, Pratt & Whitney, L-3 Communications, and Rolls-Royce Canada. Most of the multi national companies have their headquarters established in Quebec.

While the rules of immigration are changed for the Federal Skilled Migrant program, the rules for Quebec continue to be same. At the same time, the immigrant is expected to know French since the province is dominated by French speaking population. To know more on the same, it is best to contact an immigration and visa specialist who deals with Quebec immigration.

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