Be on your guard against fake Canada job offers!

All migrants inspired with Canada immigration and keen to work in the country beware! Think twice before considering allegedly forged job offers reportedly being sent through e-mails, since many gullible persons are being duped by some dishonest people in the name of providing work-opportunities in the country.

Working of scam

The aspirants are drawn by revealing the name of big firms, even as the job in fact could be meant for a small organization, or in most of the cases, not even for that company. Once a candidate gets certain of getting a chance to work with a well-known name, the impostors ask them to cough-up a fee for additional processing. They could tell the hopeful that the money is required to get a Canada Work Visa & process the submission.

The subsequent step would be to seek a much bigger amount for allegedly a superior stage of processing, air tickets & even handling fees, which could be rather high. All this while the charlatans must have obtained sufficient confidence from the aspirant, and it rather becomes a simple job for them to get money out of the hopeful’s wallet.

A candidate could be conned, thanks to an email, job offer letter & several more papers which could look like the real ones. The candidates could also be urged and advised to get in touch with a particular travel agent and/or immigration company and the recruiter they are allegedly about to do a job with. And when they eventually do it, they learn that the whole lot is false.

Differentiating genuine employment offers from fake ones

The toughest job is to distinguish between a counterfeit offer of job & the real one, as they appear almost identical. However, when one checks closely he learns the truth. In majority of the cases, the impostors do not live in Canada; they operate from outside of the nation, and hence they seldom get apprehended.

Advice for job hunters

Agreed, most people hunting for a work opportunity are usually worried, and desperate. Still, they ought to know that charlatans are out to make the most of their desperation even as they employ novel and appealing tricks to con them (the applicants).  So, they should learn to differentiate between the fake offers from the real ones. Despite the fact the firms–which could be allegedly stated in the e-mails could be real–the employment offers may be not.

Employment hunters would do well to confirm the job-opening by surfing the given firms’ website, by getting in touch with the concerned Head Office and/or the HR section, besides also by checking with any concerned and associated individual. The candidates under no situations ought to get swayed by flamboyant announcements/offers.

Being conned by a swindler could be rather widespread when a person does not know about the activities around. Given this, it’s always a good idea to be alert, at every possible stage, prior to showing any interest in a particular person and/or an office.

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