Alberta’s Economy Becomes Robust Despite Labor Shortage

A number of energy companies in Alberta have been experiencing labour shortages, which has become a challenge for their business growth. As a partial solution to this problem, making the immigration rules of the province simpler was suggested.

According to the latest Census report, while the western provinces of Canada have witnessed maximum population growth, the province of Alberta has experienced the highest employment growth across the country in recent years. The oilsands production in Alberta is expected to increase from 1.6 million barrels to 3 million in 2020, which will contribute in the growth of population and economy of the province.

However, it is clear that the growth of population is not keeping up with the requirement even at this high rate.

Alberta has a number of immigration and temporary status programs with a purpose of reducing the labour shortages, they include:

  • The Federal Skilled Worker Scheme, where among its 29 qualifying skilled professions, has many skilled and semi-skilled professions significant to the energy sector.
  • The Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program, for instance includes fast-track option for professional engineers, along with the eligibility criteria for semi-skilled personnels like truck drivers and people in the hospitality industries that can contribute to the energy sector.
  • Temporary work permit options, which can ultimately lead to permanent residency through one of these above mentioned programs.

If you want to migrate to Alberta, there are several essential things that you have to take into consideration in this regard. From knowing the eligibility criteria to the latest news and updated information regarding the immigration policy of the province, you have to aware of everything.

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