Alberta Freezes two immigration programs!

For all those prospective applicants who are intending to immigrate to Alberta, here is the not so good news. The province has stopped accepting applications from the applicants who are intending to apply under the Family Stream and the U.S. Visa Holder Category.

But cancellation has been performed on a temporary basis and is applicable until any further official notice is not brought in action. The same has been confirmed by a press release by the Government of Alberta.

Those who have already applied or are intending to apply, should know that applications under these two categories that were postmarked on or before August 23, 2010 would have their share of acceptance for processing further. The processing would be done in accordance with the current program criteria.

According to Thomas Lukaszuk, Minister of Employment and Immigration for the province of Alberta, the processing schedule would be continued for all those applicants who are decked with perfect skills and the enhancing economic needs of Alberta.

The applications under following programs would continue to gain acceptance: Engineering occupations, International students, Skilled workers, Semi-skilled workers in certain occupations, Compulsory trades, and Self-employed farmers.

The main motto behind Alberta’s immigration is to lure more and more applicants through its provincial nomination program rather than giving preference to those who want to come on a temporary basis.

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