Amendments by CIC to CEC!

Recently, the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) updated its chapter on Canadian Experience Class (CEC) category. This update includes a new qualifying condition that must be met by all the applicants applying under this category. With this, information regarding application refusals has also been provided.

The Canadian Experience Class was introduced in September 2009. This program involves the work experience as one of the key areas for a visa permit for professionals and students with skilled work experience. This visa offers a Permanent Resident Status to all the successful immigrants under this category.

The main aim behind this program is to ensure that the selected candidates are familiar with the Canadian society, it culture and are able to adjust accordingly. With this, they would also be able to blend into the society with their English and French language skills. Additionally, it is to retain the Canadian atmosphere inspite of its multicultural presence. More so, to develop it further. At the same time, also availing the economic benefits of immigration would further help develop the country.

The various amendments involve the mandatory requirements of the class, the definition of family members, full – time work experience and modifications in the application process. Also included are the updates regarding the meet the criteria or not. These are in addition to the changes brought out by the Canadian Language Benchmarks and the IELTS in February.

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