An Overview on TN Status

TN Status as it is also known as TN Visa is a special non-immigration status that is meant for the citizens of US, Canada, and Mexico. It enables the following category of people to work for a span of three years at a time:

  • Citizens of Canada to work in the U.S.
  • Citizens of the US to work in Canada
  • Mexican citizens to work in the United States

In all the above scenarios, the guidelines and mandatory requirements vary, so it would be a better option to hire the services of an Immigration and Visa expert and know about the entire process. Below are some the advantages that are geared with TN visa:

  • You can obtain a TN Visa in a quick manner.
  • As far as the Canadians are concerned, the visa can be obtained at the border. But it is essential to provide the right documents for which you have to meet an Immigration expert today.
  • While on one hand, there are limits for H-1B Visa, there are no annual limits for the number of TN Visas issued
  • If you are eager to hire employees on an urgent basis, then this is the perfect option for you
  • Can be renewed indefinitely


The spouse as well as children (dependent) of a TN Visa holder can apply for TD Status which does not grant them the permission to work but they are allowed to attend the school. Remember that TD-1 is meant for the family members of Canadian citizen whereas TD-2 is meant for the family of Mexican citizen. To know more, consult an experienced Immigration and Visa expert today.

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