Another Immigration Lawsuit in Arizona!

A new lawsuit has been filed by the Justice Department against the immigration practices which are being followed by the authorities in Arizona. Two months ago, a law suit has been filed against the Maricopa Community Colleges in the Phoenix area. This was after Governor Jan Brewer was sued by the Justice Department regarding the new immigration law that has been imposed in the state. This also comes along as investigations are being carried out against the sheriff in Maricopa County, Joe Arpaio for his tough acts pertaining to immigration enforcement.

In the recent lawsuit that has been filed, as per the officials from the Justice Department, discrimination has been taking place against about 250 applicants who were not the citizens of United States. This came about during employment opportunities where in it was made compulsory for these candidates to fill in additional documents. These were not as such required by the law as qualifications for their eligibility. This clearly showed the violation of Federal Immigration and Nationality Act.

At the same time, it has been maintained by the Justice Department that this particular lawsuit is not related to the Brewer case and that of the Arpaio and other investigations which began in 2009.

As per the law’s provision of antidiscrimination, it is against the law to treat those workers with the permit different during the process of recruitment, especially on the basis of citizenship. This is as per the Assistant Attorney, Civil Rights Division, Justice Department, Thomas E. Perez. So, the government is taking the relevant steps to clear this practice.

This is one of the recent cases which has come to surface and has been taken up by the Civil Rights Division. This division has been constantly modifying itself since the Bush administration.

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