Another Oz Attack on Indian! Sikh Beaten Up!

The recent racial attacks in Australia are seriously hampering the image of the country in a major way. This time, a Sikh was attacked and had his turban removed while he was sleeping at a bus stop in Melbourne. The police is interrogating into the whole episode where five young men approached the Indian Sikh, attacked him and removed his turban. The age group of the attackers is believed to be some where between 17 and 19.

Speculations are that a bus driver and a passenger tried to stop the attack but could not stop the youths from attacking and abusing the Sikh. The victim has suffered injuries to his mouth and other parts of the body.

With a recent series of attacks on Indians in Australia, people have developed a panic in their minds regarding the image of Australia, but one should understand that attacks of such kind happen in every country on a regular basis. Even Indians, with different religions and cultures, face a series of discrimination and racism in their own country. It is just that the issues of Australian racial attacks are over hyped in today’s media industry.

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