ANZSCO Skill Level 1 Occupations: Industrial, Mechanical and Production Engineers!

According to the latest skilled occupation list Australia provided by Immigration and Citizenship Department, most of the skilled occupations in this unit group require a level of skill equal to graduation or higher level of qualification. However, it is not the same in all the cases, as some skilled occupations require relevant experience or on-job training in addition to formal education.

The job responsibilities of the industrial, mechanical and production engineers include:

  • Designing, organizing and supervising the process of construction
  • Operating and maintaining the mechanical process plant and installations
  • Establishing programs for managing manufacturing activities
  • Ensuring the usage of resources effectively

The engineering occupations, such as: industrial, mechanical and production engineers in Australia need to fulfill the criteria for long duration, as this profession requires a  extensive dedicated training.

In order to get the employment opportunity as an industrial, mechanical or production engineer in Australia, the candidates need to have a complete university degree like a bachelor of engineering or mechanical engineering.

The Australian Universities have declared that the courses for industrial, mechanical and production engineering have a sound degree of match with eventual engineering employment opportunity.

According to the Australian Graduate Survey, 2009, among the young graduates who were employed as industrial, mechanical and production engineers, 85% had studied engineering and relevant technologies.

If you are planning to migrate to Australia and want to practice your engineering skills in the states like Queensland and Tasmania, then you need to be registered or get the license to work in these states.

The engineers in these three fields of work have to meet the priorities of the government policy in sustainable energy systems, like:  the Clean Energy Initiative, the Carbon Capture and Storage Program and the Advanced Electricity Storage Technologies.

The data provided by Graduate Careers Australia shows that 99% of Bachelor degree graduates in mechanical engineering in search of full-time work opportunities were working 4 months after the completion of their study, and 77% were working as Engineering Professionals.

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