Application Process for Canadian Federal Skilled Worker!

In an era of globalization where more and more bridges are being built, studying or working overseas has become the dream of every common man. With more and more people for better standards of life, Canadian immigration process for skilled professionals has become simpler. After all, a good quality of life is that we all crave for. Isn’t it?

In order to immigrate to a better destination, the application process for Permanent Residence is the most significant step towards your overseas dream. So, here are a few ways to apply for permanent residence for Federal Skilled Worker Class in Canada:

  1. Assessment of the application at the Centralized Intake Office (CIO) based at Nova Scotia, Canada :Your application will be assessed by the officers based at CIO, Department of Citizenship and Immigration, Nova Scotia, Canada. They will make sure that all the necessary documents are submitted from the document checklist. The fee for processing has to be submitted as well. But if there is some flaw or mistake, your application with your documents and money will be returned to you with a letter which would inform you about the errors. Just in case, your application is rejected, then you will receive a letter which would inform you about the reasons for rejection and also that your fee or payment will be refunded to you

    If your application is accepted by the authorities, your application will be sent for further assessment to the local consulate located in your country of current residence. You will be sent a letter that informs you with your reference number, instructions for contacting the visa office. A copy of the recommendation letter will be sent to the local Canadian High commission as well.

  2. Assessment of Application at the local consulate office/ Canadian high commission

On the acceptance of your application, a positive recommendation is sent to the local Canadian high commission located in country of your current residence. You must submit required forms and all documents within 120 days of the positive recommendation by centralized intake office at Nova Scotia, Canada.

At this stage, the eligibility for you to have your visa will be determined on various conditions including evidence related to no criminal record. These include the selection factors based on which the applicant would be given points for each criterion such as his proficiency in the English language skills, age, and adaptability and so on. Apart from this, the applicant must also cater to the mandatory financial requirements. Also, the admissibility requirements are also important to be satisfied. Those meeting all requirements are then issued the medical forms and post medical, the applicant, spouse and dependent are invited to submit passports for visa stamping.

Based on the above two steps, the Canadian High Commission would then call for a personal interview (if applicable). Based on the performance on the interview, the visa officer takes a decision on whether to grant you a visa or not.

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