Application Process for Federal Canada!

If you are one of those intending to look for a better life…then Canada is the place for you. It is one of those very countries which consider its immigrants an asset to its growth and development. And guess what! Now it’s even easier to immigrate to Canada. All that is required of you is that your occupation is mentioned in the New Occupations Lists for Canada Skilled Worker Applications.

The eligibility criteria are not very complicated for the Federal Skilled Migrant program. Various factors such as age, language skills, education and work experience and so on are looked into. Once you qualify under the eligibility criteria, you application process would consist of the following –

  • You would have fill and file an application form at the Centralized Intake Office (CIO) in Nova Scotia, Canada. It would take around 2 – 3 months to receive an approval from the CIO. It has to be remembered that this assessment is the most important for any Federal Skilled application. It is important that your occupation has been identified aptly or your application would be rejected.
  • Post approval, the process is carried out at your nearest visa post that is your country of residence/nationality. Here, you have to submit all the required mandatory documents. These documents have to be submitted with in 120 days from the dated communication received from the CIO.
  • The entire process time takes around 6 – 12 months. In the meantime, you can get done with the medical and the police clearances for the same.
  • You might be asked to attend an interview, which again depends on your application and as assessed by the visa officials.

You also have the option of checking your application status online. With this, the consultants at Abhinav can guide you at every stage of the above mentioned process. This would make the process easy for you. This is true especially for the documentation part. Collecting the right documents in the correct format is the most tedious task of all.

In no time, you would receive your Permanent Residence status which is the fastest when compared to other countries. Being one of the richest countries, it offers good standards of living and thus, a better life.

So, think and decide and make sure that Canada is on priority. You would not regret it for sure!

To know more about the Canada Federal Skilled Worker Class, watch this video of Mr. Ajay Sharma, the principal Immigration Consultant of Abhinav:

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