Apply for Canada Investment Visa!

Apply for Canada Investment Visa

Canada–located in the North part of America–hardly needs an introduction. It is one of the most successful and influential countries in the world. Bilingual in nature, it is a popular immigration destination, and shares friendly relations with many other countries. It is also a part of many recognized international organizations, such as the United Nations (UN), and the NATO. Have High Net Worth & Are Ready to Settle Permanently in Canada? Apply for Canada Investment Visa.

Canada Investment Visa
Canada Investment Visa

It has one of the largest economies in the world, mainly driven by the various sectors, such as aeronautics, energy, automobiles, and natural resources. The nation recognizes the contribution of the foreign investors, and acknowledges their contribution towards its economic development.

The Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), the concerned body, has introduced numerous immigration plans for the foreign investors and encourages them to widely use them to come to its shores.

Canada Investment Visa

Some of the immigration schemes offered by the IRCC are as follow:

Investor Visa

To qualify, the candidate must possess a legally acquired personal net worth of at least 1,600,000 Canadian Dollars, and pledge to make a passive investment of 800,000 Canadian Dollars, and must have two years of successful business experience.

If the IRCC approves the visa application, the applicant must make the investment within 30 days. The Federal Government will use the investment for the economic development of the different Canadian territories and provinces. The major advantage of the programme is the investment is government guaranteed and it will be returned after five years, though no interest will be given on it.

Start Up Visa

If one’s proposal is accepted by the Angel Investor, the Angel Investors must pledge to make an investment of 25,000 Canadian Dollars, and if Venture Capitalists accept the proposal, the investment must be of 75,000 Canadian Dollars.

The application must be supported by the BIAP recommendation and a proof that the investor is proficient in either English or French, has completed at least one year university degree, and is financially strong to make an investment in the country and cover his stay.

Once the application is approved by the IRCC, the primary applicant, along with the family, will receive a Permanent Resident Card. IT will not be revoked even if the proposed business fails.

Canada Investment Visa–An Overview

The country offers the most widely used investment programmes conferring Permanent Residence (PR). It also offers European style social and economic benefits and unparalleled lifestyle. Foreign investors will enjoy the benefits of the healthcare programme, first class education, and national pension system useful after retirement.

Besides, the above mentioned schemes, the foreign investors can use the Provincial Entrepreneur Programmes, the Quebec Investor Programme, and the Quebec Entrepreneur Programme. The Entrepreneur and Self-employed Programmes are aimed at drawing the candidates with mid-range personal assets, and the Investor Programmes are targeted at drawing the candidates with a high net worth with no obligation to start a venture of their own.

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