Apply For Canada PR! Take A Look At These Popular Options!

Apply For Canada PR

Many people are keen to become the Canadian permanent residents and the best way is to Apply for Canada PR (Permanent Residence). It is the country’s economy and lifestyle that hypnotize them the most. Apart from this, a large number of students as well wish to immigrate to the country, courtesy the easy acquisition of the Permanent Residence (PR) Visa, post the completion of their degree.

These days, many Provincial Nominee Programmes (PNPs) are accepting PR applications. In the last three months alone more than 2000 invitations have been issued by some of the country’s top Provincial Nominee Programmes (PNPs). It clearly proves that in the coming years the PNPs will act as the nation’s immigration key source.

You may apply for Canada PR using one of the PNPs. If you are confused, but eager to immigrate to the Maple Leaf Country, then surely you are on the right page. Before you finish reading this article, for sure you will have an idea how you can apply for the much desired Permanent Residence Visa (PRV).

What are Provincial Nominee Programmes?

Through these the nation’s 10 provinces and two territories nominate applicants who wish to become its permanent residents, and are keen to permanently live and work in a specific territory or province. The participating provinces and territories have joined hands with the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) that allows them to choose applicants who successfully meet the requirements as per their economic needs.

Major Provincial Nominee Programmes

  • Yukon Nominee Programme (YNP): Located in northwest, the territory is perfect for those in love with outdoor activities.  Applicants may apply using one of the following streams: Yukon Express Entry, Business Nominee, Skilled Worker, and Critical Impact Worker.
  • Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Programme (SINP): Located in the Western Canada, the prairie province has a rapidly growing economy. Candidates may apply using one of the following streams–International Skilled Worker Category, Entrepreneur and Farm Category, and Saskatchewan Experience Category.
  • Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Programme (PEI PNP): It is the country’s smallest province and often referred as the ‘birth place of Canada’. The province is popular not only for its thriving economy but also for its lush farmland. Applicants may apply using one of the following streams—the PEI PNP Express Entry, Business Impact Category, and Labor Impact Category.
  • Ontario Immigrant Nominee Programme (OINP): It is the most populated province of Canada. It consists of the country’s 40% population and is home to national capital, Ottawa. It is the center of the country’s political, economic and social life. Applicants may apply using one of the following streams–Ontario Express Entry, Business Category, General Category (sometimes also referred to as Employer Category), and International Student Category.
  • New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program (NBPNP): It is the nation’s only bilingual province and approximately 30% of its population speaks French. Candidates may apply using one of the following streams–Business Applicants, Skilled Workers with Family Support, Express Entry Labor Market Stream, and Skilled Workers with Employer Support.

The above mentioned PNPs have joined Express Entry. If you wish to apply for Canada PR using one of the above mentioned PNPs, then you can apply using the online Express Entry System.

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