Apply for Canada Tourist Visa Process & Steps

Plan for a visit to Canada, the “Maple Leaf Country”—and be ready to be mesmerized by the wonderful flora and fauna and the kaleidoscope of riotous colors and attractions of the place. The horizons, landscape and people will make you fall in love with this amazing and one-of-its-kind place. So, apply for Canada Tourist Visa now! If you are wondering how to proceed with the application, this blog will help you in this pursuit “traveler”—since you have become one after making up a mind to visit the destination, perhaps, next month.

It is never too late to explore a new dimension, live a new moment and engage in a conversation with a random stranger. Life is all about experiences and travels, and confining your soul to just one place is a serious crime to commit. If you wish that you shouldn’t be either the perpetrator of conspiring this crime or the victim of monotony and boredom, it is the right time to decide something grand this New Year.

Canada Tourist Visa Application Process

The Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), the concerned organization, has made the application for travel visa simple and attractive. Why not, it is a rich source to power up the economy with revenues. So, sit back and relax and fulfill your application in the following ways. It is very simple folks!

Apply for Canada Tourist Visa
Apply for Canada Tourist Visa

You must keep certain things in mind before you make a head-start. Keep a digital photograph with at least a frame size of 35mm*45mm, scanned copy of monthly pay stub for last three month, scanned copy of bank statements for 3 months, and scanned copy of employment letter.

Canada Tourist Visa Application Process Step By Step

Step 1

Visit the IRCC or the Express Entry website.

Step 2

Fulfill the “Eligibility Assessment Annexure”.

Step 3

Sign in to the IRCC or Express Entry with created Login Credentials. If you don’t have one and you are a first time visitor, create one on IRCC or Express Entry website.

Step 4

Submit all the documents in digital form.

Step 5

Make the payment

Step 6

Within 1-2 business weeks, you will receive the notification from the IRCC to submit the passport to the Visa Application Center.

This way you can successfully apply for Tourist Visa to Canada and move to the very popular overseas destination to explore that all it has to offer. Now since you know ‘hows’ and ‘whats’ of the visa process, what are you really waiting for? Speak to your immigration service provider TODAY! Ask him to share more inputs on the matter, for a well informed decision on your part.

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