To Apply as a Professional Aeronautical Engineer in Australia, Know Certain Essential Facts!

Australia is a wonderful country with unlimited opportunities to explore. If you wish to migrate to this land of endless opportunity to explore the best options that suit your immigration needs, such as: if you want to move to the nation as a skilled migrant or you want to start your business in Australia, then no time would be better than now.

Currently, this land of kangaroos is offering a number of employment opportunities to the overseas skilled professionals. However, to take advantage of this opportunity, there are certain eligibility criteria that you have to fulfill.

Among all the occupations, the profession of Aeronautical Engineer has a very positive outlook in the country. If you have relevant qualification and work experience, then you will easily become eligible to apply for Australia Skilled Migration.

Required Skills

This particular occupation requires certain skills level, they are:

  • A graduate degree or higher degrees
  • Relevant work experience and training on the job may require besides the formal education.

Authority for Skills Assessment

Before allowing any skilled personnel to migrate to Australiaas a professional Aeronautical Engineer, the Engineers Australia would assess his skills. As Australia immigration is a points-based system, you can claim points for your occupation on the basis of your education level and work experience. However, to obtain points you have to forward your relevant documents to the relevant skills assessment authority.

Requirements for registration or licensing

In several professions registration or licence is required from a government authority or agency in the territory or the state where you intend to practice your profession.

Job of an Aeronautical Engineer

There are certain significant duties and responsibilities that an Aeronautical Engineer has to perform in Australia, such as: performing and supervising the work of engineering related to designing, developing, manufacturing, maintaining and modification of aircrafts for flight.

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