Applying For Residency in Australia? Figure Out What Popular Choices You Have!

Applying for Residency in Australia

To get to Australia might be tough, but with the help from expert immigration consultant you can always move in style to the overseas hotspot. Applying for residency in Australia can happen only when you have been such an applicant who can bring social and economic benefit for the country. In this blog, you will get to know how applying for residency in Australia can be easily sought with few of the visas governing residency need in the country.

Australia Partner Visa

With the help from the Partner Visa sub-class 820 and 801, you can easily move to Down Under. In the subclass 820 category, the applicant or the immigrant can temporarily live in the nation. But in the 801 Sub Class Visa, you can live in the Kangaroo Land for a longer period of time.

If you have acquired the Partner Visa, you can easily stay in the country until the time when the decision has been made towards your Permanent Residency (PR). The moment you have got the PR, it will open doors to unlimited benefits, in the form of healthcare, education, social security, benefits of immigrating to other country.

The reason: most of the countries have diplomatic tie up with Australia, and if you wish to visit some country, in that case, all you need is just an Australian passport.

Australia Employer Nomination Scheme

The Subclass 186 Visa lets you as an immigrant to move to the country and get the PR status to live there in. In this visa, you will have to appear for a skill-based test even as based on the test you will be given a PR status.

In order to get the PR status through the Sub-class 186 Visa, the aspiring immigrant must have been given the sponsorship by an approved Australian company based abroad. At the same time, the aspiring immigrant must meet with the language skills and age preferences based on which the movement has to happen.

Australia Business Innovation and Investment

Don Under is a highly developed economy and though a commonwealth nation yet it is more developed than most of the commonwealth nation. In the pursuit of undertaking more development in different regions, the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) has launched the Innovation and Investment visa sub-class 188.

Under this specific visa, the aspiring immigrant can easily get the chance to move to the Kangaroo Land by making an investment in those areas which are lagging in development and growth. Not just they will get the chance to move but also permanently stay in the nation at the same time. The investor scheme starts with 1.5 million and goes up to 15 million as per the class of the investment.

Applying for the residency in Australia with the help of the investor scheme is one of the most sought after option which will instantly give you results.

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