Applying For Residency in Canada—Check Top Visa Options!

Applying For Residency in Canada

Have you been struggling with applying for residency in Canada? Do you want ways that can help you deal with numerous possibilities? If you are answering all these questions in an affirmative tone, in that case, probably you have landed up at the right place. In this article, you will know about applying for residency in Canada. If you think that the Permanent Residency (PR) stuff for the Maple Leaf Country entails in difficulties, and you will have to work very hard for that, in that case, it might surprise you to know that you are terribly mistaken.

Applying For Residency in Canada
Applying For Residency in Canada

Take a look at few ways that can help you to claim the permanent residency easily and effectively!

Family Member Programme

The first-of-its-kind is the family member sponsorship programme that will help you to move to the destination on a PR Visa. But if you want to use this visa then you must ensure that you have blood relation with the family member and he/she should be a citizen of Canada or a per with PR status. Under this programme, the sponsor can ask their spouse, parents and siblings below 18 years of age to come to the hotspot and live there. But if you are going for this programme, then it is important to furnish necessary details about the financial independence and support that you can lend once your close aide will arrive in the country.

Skilled Worker Visa

With this visa you can easily get to apply for the PR programme in Canada. In this immigration style you can either apply through the “Express Entry” programme or the “Provincial Nomination Program” or the PNP. The choice would be of the applicant and subsequently he/she can apply.  But as a food for the thought it would be fascinating to know that the PNP can help you in million ways where the Express Entry will fail you. Hence, even if you have been rejected under the Express Entry programme for your PR Visa, you must never lose hope as the PNP Programme will be there to back you up.

Canadian Investment Programme

Money matters everywhere and you can even buy the PR status with a huge amount of dollars ready to boost up the ailing sectors in the country. The Canadian Government runs innovative investment programme where you can make investment in the slab of 8 00,000 or 16, 00,000 Canadian Dollars to book a place in the nation. But only money will not serve the purpose of immigrating to the hotspot. The applicants will have to show a blue-print of everything that they will do with the investment to create jobs and sustain the economy for the better.

So, these are the ways under which applying for residency in Canada can be bettered and you can easily get the chance to move in style.

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