Approved Immigrants Can Now Travel to Canada!

Approved Immigrants Can Now Travel to Canada!

As of 21st June 2021, people who hold a valid Confirmation of Permanent Residence (CoPR) can enter Canada. When the federal Canada immigration department approves a PR application, a CoPR is issued to the applicant. Authorized immigrants must make a one-time landing in Canada before their CoPR expires. The CoPR is valid for up to one year from the date of issuance.

Only those who hold a valid CoPR can complete their landing. The department is re-issuing new CoPRs to those whose CoPRs expired during the pandemic since these individuals could not enter Canada due to the global travel restrictions. As per the Canadian government, 23,000 CoPR holders have been unable to complete their landing in Canada since travel restrictions were imposed in March 2020.

Previously, only those granted a CoPR on or before 18th March 2020 could complete their landing despite travel restrictions. After this date, people who received a CoPR could only enter Canada if they were eligible for another travel exemption or were U.S. residents permanently moving to Canada.

A CoPR indicates that a person has fulfilled the Canada PR requirements, paid the fees, and passed medical, criminal, and security checks. It is linked to the immigrant’s passport and medical test. To access immigrant services, the CoPR holder must show the document to provincial or territorial organizations.

The pandemic disrupted the landing of many CoPR holders, causing their CoPR to expire. These people will not have to undergo the application process again. They will be re-issued a new valid CoPR, which will allow them to enter Canada. To increase your chances of visa approval, gain authorized representation, and lawfully fulfill your Canada immigration goals, contact experienced consultants at 8595338595 or [email protected].

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