Are you a Video Gamer? Canada's work permit has many options for you!

Are you a Video Gamer? Canada’s work permit has many options for you!

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a steep decline in film and TV and video game production demand. But now that they have opened their doors, the industry is thriving like anything.  If you are planning for Canada Immigration, you will be glad to know that casting, voice acting, and motion capture for video games and film and TV production can continue working long as the health and safety measures will be in check.  

For video gamers, there are many options to work in Canada. If you hold a regular job offer, your recruiter in Canada will need to get a neutral or positive Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) to show that their requirement.

Also, this Assessment shows that the current position was unable to be filled by a Canadian citizen or permanent resident. Still, some occupations do not require an LMIA.  In case you have obtained a job offer from Quebec, you will need to produce a Certificat d’acceptation du Québec (CAQ), which is issued by the Immigration Ministry of Canada and will permit you to work in Canada temporarily.

Another fast-track way you can choose is Global Talent Stream (GTS), which permits highly skilled workers to procure a Canada work permit just within two weeks of applying for the visa. And if the job needs LMIA, it will only take you two weeks to get it done.

Those who work in Canada under this department understand the importance of being physically distant and taking all the necessary safety precautions. It will ensure that there is no further spread of the virus that has taken the world by the storm and ensure that the operations are not being stalled in any way, leading to further shutdowns in the industry.

 Along with this, even the Canadian film and TV industry are also doing well, thanks to the workforce’s safety standards in the field.

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