Are You Interested in Living in the US?

Does US immigration inspire you and you wish to move to the nation and become its part? Do you wish to make the most of the various facilities offered by the nation to those who shift to it, to live there in either as a Permanent Resident or a citizen?

If yes, you will have to apply for a visa under the category for which you could be eligible. Only after you have a legal permit, you can lawfully immigrate to the US and live in one of the most developed global societies and enjoy the finest that the life and the world has to offer.

The US immigration arguably ranks at the Number 1 position across the globe, in terms of popularity and acceptance from the migrants. The nation is highly developed even as its inhabitants believe in their dreams and know these would be concretized.

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Living in the US—Top Immigration Motivators

Migrants to the country have several personal reasons for migration, even as living in the US is one of them. Most of the migrants shift to the country to find economic stability and/or to enjoy their religious freedom. Lifestyle, first-rate educational and healthcare facilities, living standards are some other top reasons that much fascinate the visitors and motivate them to live in the North American Country.

US culture and people have influenced the world with their values and uniqueness. As more migrants land in the nation, there is an amalgamation of the new with the old. It is a dynamic nation with a robust economy. Americans are always open to new ideas.

The nation has almost everything that can inspire people from across the world to shift to it even as an ‘informed’ customer can avail the best value out of the US system. He should though be aware of different pricing at different areas.

Living in the US gives access to many amazing services and establishments. The US is a 100% free country with a rather strong economy. Migrants can make use of the same and exploit the opportunities presented by Washington DC.

Highly developed transport system is another factor which adds fuel to the wish of migrant to live in the US. Personal car is the king of the roads, though all the parts of the nation are well connected with excellent rail and road routes.

It is said that the residents of the US spend most part of their lives in cars. These vehicles are their first passion on which they spend a good chunk of their income. Most of their daily chores, like eating, worshipping–and even making love–are all done in the car. Sounds interesting?

Americans, by and large, believe in mannerism and are known for their habits which they share. They believe in shaking hands on the first meeting or on their further meetings, but they don’t hand shake at the time of parting. Social kissing and a body hug are acceptable between the two known people.

They believe in direct eye contact. They stay away 16 inches from the other person with whom they are talking to. They don’t believe in touching the other person and appreciate the eye contact with a smile.

They come to the point straight away. “Excuse me” is enough to get the attention of the shop keeper. They usually feel scared of the person who starts a conversation with “hello, how are you?” They come to the point quickly and are the first one to help others.

The US government structure is huge. Usually, people have to engage various departments to get a work done. In case you want to add on to your house, then you need prior approval. While driving license is issued by the state government, federal government deals with all the business loans.

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