Are You Interested In US Immigration Via Job Route?

Immigration to the US is the dream for many individuals. However, there are only a handful of them who are able to live this dream. For most, the dream can come true through the gateway of sponsorship, whereas, there are also ways through the skilled category. Now, the best way to get through depends on you and how well you can tackle different immigration programmes.

In this piece, the first and foremost thing would be to understand the job market in the overseas hotspot

Job Market in the US

It has shown a tremendous improvement ever since the global meltdown and with unemployment rate reaching to just 5%, there has been a tremendous probability of growth and expansion in the long run. The improving prospects in all the angles have driven the immigration trails in the US.

The prospects have shown a tremendous jump in Austin, Texas, Utah and other areas where the job prospects have shown tremendous scope for improvement. The market sentiments and increasing demand is the driving force attracting the immigrants to the nation.

Hence, if you are one among the many who want to live the dream and thrive in the US, it is imperative that you should be aware of few of the visas which can help support the movement.

US E2 Visa

It is an immigrant visa which has been facilitating the movement to the country. Now, you might wonder that why the visa has been discussed when the piece is all about jobs. Well, the E2 Visa has been interconnected with the job.

As the government in the nation has been willing to attract investments in all forms and to meet with the investment, there has been an open letter given to the immigrants who want to thrive and make their living in the country.

The individuals are allowed to enter the nation and make an investment, thereby; they will open door for investment and job creation. So, this visa has been a game changer to generate jobs in the US.

At present, there is no specified quota mentioned for the E2 Visa and individuals who are willing to make an investment can straightway immigrate to the US.

The individuals are required to purchase real-estate property in the nation. The amount of investment required to make the E2 Visa operational for the business lies in between 7, 50,000 to 2 million dollars. So, it entirely depends on the individuals who are taking the immigration.

US L1 Visa

It is a non-immigrant visa and under this visa category, a company whose parent company in based in the US can transfer the employee who are holding the executive, managerial and supervisory position to the nation. The employees with the L1 visa are allowed to move for a period of 3 years only.

However, in case of any further requirement, the duration can be increased with time. But if the extension is given then it shouldn’t be more than two years.

The US immigration through jobs can definitely fulfill the requirement that any individual desires and the least which is required from them is to ensure that they meet with all the requirements.

US H1B Visa

It is a temporary visa for jobs which allows the immigrants to work in the nation for a specific period of time. Under it, the individual who wishes to live in the immigration hotspot can continue for a period of 6 years at the maximum.

The H1B Visa is not without a specified cap and every year almost 85,000 visas are processed and the individuals are able to move under the visa category.

Key Requirements

To meet with the H1B visa, the applicant must fulfill certain requirements.

  • It is vital that the employee has a bachelor degree in the specified subject.
  • The employer has received a Labor Condition Application only then they can sponsor any individual for a H1B Visa.
  • If the employer has previously sponsored the H1 B Visa, they are exempt from such limitations.
  • The spouse and minor children can live with the H1B Visa holder.

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