Arizona Immigration Law Cited by U.N. Investigator!

According to an investigator from the United Nations, it is the immigrants who endure the blow of discrimination throughout the world. The investigator mentioned the immigration law in Arizona as being a policy which could simply lead to the abuse of human rights.

Keeping the above aside, it is very common to see immigrants facing treatment which is unjust and bear the brunt of xenophobic intolerance. It is the same for United States as well as for Europe and other parts of the world.

The controversial immigration law in Arizona, United States bestows the local police with the authority of checking the immigrant status of the suspects who are migrants. This law is undergoing a legal battle in a US court and has been criticized by many. More so, it had key provisions which could bring about racial profiling.

In times of today when illegal migration is one of the key issues along with crimes related to immigration on a rise, solution based approach is more important rather than controversial laws to be implemented. None of the nations in the world are barred from executing a law that is transparent, open and fair. A migration policy which caters to one and all has to be the key.

On the other hand, when it comes to the law in Arizona, it seems to be some kind of policing which has been implemented out of sheer anger and hatred. It cannot be forgotten that the growth of the US economy is partly due to immigration. So, such immigrants who have been residing legally in the state cannot be expected to carry their papers at all times.

More so, they cannot be expected to live in a state of fear especially when they have left their own native state to come and live in the United States. As of now, the legal battle continues.

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