Arrested for Working Illegally in Britain!

Twenty three Indians got arrested in west London and east England town of Norwich for breaching the immigration laws of Britain.  Amongst those twenty three illegal immigrants, twenty two were belonging to a group of illegal immigrants who were handcuffed when the police went to check out the dairy shop in west London.

The other Indian was arrested with other three Sri Lankans who were caught when they applied for application in some asylum and it was rejected, in one of the towns of Norwich. They were working illegally for some newsagent’s shop. All the four of them were arrested and are now detained in jail until they will be removed from the UK. The shop for which they were working for is fined up to 30,000 to 10,000 pounds for each illegal worker working there.

Uk Border Agency is planning to take some really strict actions against them which would serve an example for others before they think of breaching any law of immigration. They will be removed from the country for violating the various immigration laws which cover offences like unlawful entrance into the country, working as an illegal immigrant and staying long even after the expiry of their visa. The employer of the culprits who runs a diary has been warned for running the business on illegal terms and has also been punished with a fine of almost one fourth of a million pounds.

Working unlawfully is a serious offence which impacts the growth and development of the entire nation. It affects the lives of those people who are legally eligible and deserve the jobs, which are occupied by illegal immigrants. There are legal ways as well to work in Britain and one should not go against the laws as this would bring serious consequences to both the employees and the employers.

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