Asia Important to Kiwi Future!

According to a survey released by Asia New Zealand Foundation, Asia would play a critical role in New Zealand’s economy in the upcoming future. The stats depict that 81% believe Asia is important to the NZ’s future while 40% out of them think it to be immensely important. The reports from 2008 stated that 75% would believe that Asians would play a critical role for the Kiwi future.

The report also said that more Kiwis think that free trade agreements would enhance the Kiwi economy; the stats went up from 74% to 78% as compared to 2008. Talking about those who think that import from Asia would favor the NZ economy, the number enhanced from 58% to 63%.

Richard Grant, executive director of the foundation elaborated that the survey was based on questions that had connections with recession, economic crisis and its impact on Immigration. It forced the respondents to think about the state of Kiwi Land in the upcoming years. In addition, they were asked questions on various facets that would affect the country, particularly Asian tourisms, free trade, to name a few.

Trade Minister, Tim Groser said that Asian was never so critical economic factor for the Kiwis.  Ethnic Affairs Minister Pansy Wong said that the outcome is really pleasing. The reports clearly signify that Asia and NZ have a lot in store for each other as far as the future years are concerned.

In this era of globalization, Immigration is playing a critical role in enhancing the economies of various countries!

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