Aspiring Canadian Citizens Required to Provide the Proof of Language Proficiency

Pursuant to a latest report, Mr. Jason Kenney, the Immigration Minister of Canada in a recent speech has mentioned that immigrants who wish to obtain Citizenship of Canada will have to provide evidence of their language proficiency in English and French languages to qualify for Citizenship of the nation.

The said report has also revealed that this amendment is basically a part of the recent Canada Immigration Policy reforms by the CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada).

While addressing the Montreal Council on Foreign Relations, Mr. Kenney was quoted as saying that there are a number of citizens in Canada who are not proficient in English or French language, despite of their long stay in the country for several years.

In this connection, the Immigration Minister further went on to add that this is not acceptable as it creates obstacles in their social mobility and integration in the Canadian society.

Mr. Kenney has also said that the proof of the linguistic ability is required to ensure that everyone who comes to Canada can become a full fledged member of the Canadian family in the near future by successfully integrate into its society.

He basically mentioned about the amendment to Citizenship policy of Canada where immigrants would have to demonstrate the proof of their language proficiency along with their applications. According to the latest amendments, the potential citizens of Canada will have to present some documents, like:

  • Proof of their secondary or post-secondary education in French or English language,Proof of their successful language training
  • programs funded by the government,
  • Results of their language tests approved by third-party.

Besides, the Canadian government provides free language trainings to the permanent residents of the country, who wish to obtain Canadian citizenship of the nation.

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