Asylum Seekers in Aussie Sew Lips!

Ten asylum seekers went on to sew their lips together in an attempt to show their protests against the kind of delay going on in the processing time taken for the refugee applications. The government in return has confirmed that there would no change in the status for the processing of the visa applications, courtesy the protest.

Additionally, any kind of medical assistance has been refused by the male asylum seekers as the protest is going strong at the Christmas Island. Reports further say that they are only taking in water and some sugar as a part of their clamor.

Immigration Minister Chris Bowen went on to comment on this incident, stating that it is distressing news for him as well as all the people who are the nationals of Australia. He further added that any protest which targets to have an amendment in the refugee applications would not work out.

If you have a genuine status as a refugee, you will get acceptance in the country and would certainly face rejection if you are undocumented or the status is not recognized.

This protest was an integral part of a big protest conducted by one hundred and sixty asylum seekers, who were detained at the Christmas Island. Moreover, their demands are to speed up the process as a majority of them are still stuck in the house for more than twelve months now. Also, it was after the death of Iraqi national who committed suicide in the detention centre in Sydney that this protest took place.

Every year thousands of boat people enter Australia and find themselves stuck in unwanted detention.

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