Asylum Seekers Relocated!

On Friday, a number of refuge seekers have been shifted to the Leonora town in Western Australia. The immigration officials have further plans to relocate more of such people on coming Sunday. Most of the asylum seekers who have been sent to Leonora are from Afghanistan and Sri Lanka. Previously, they were being housed in various temporary accommodations in the cities of Brisbane and Darwin.

The immigration detention facility in Leonora already boasts eighty-three asylum seekers, who had been sent there in the beginning of June. They were being sent after the Christmas Island achieved the full capacity of detainees. The Australian immigration minister, Chris Evans told that more asylum seekers would be sent to the immigration detention facility in Leonora, since the nation is right now facing a shortage in accommodation facilities, which are convenient for families.

Chris Evans also confirmed that the refuge seekers have been sent to the Leonora facility on a temporary basis, where they will stay for a few months. Reportedly, the facility was previously used by miners. For some time, it had been not used by anyone, which is why the Australian immigration authorities found it as suitable arrangement for temporary relocation of the refuge seekers.

Australia is concerned about the status of the asylum seekers in it and a lot has been happening on immigration arena, concerning asylum seekers. Of late, a total of sixty Afghani refuge seekers were transferred to the re-opened Curtin Detention Center, which is located in the interior of Kimberley region of Western Australia from the Christmas Island.

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