Asylum Seeking Process in Canada!

Each year, there are about 30,000 people in Canada who apply for asylum. This means that about 100 fresh applications are received on a day. Most of these asylum seekers fly into the country. Although, there are a few who cross the US border and there are others who come via the sea. Of all the claims that are received, only 50 percent of them are accepted where as other have to follow the system for years together before they are finally deported or they leave voluntarily.

Here is an insight into how the process works: while applying, the refugee shows his identification to prove that he is not a security threat. He is then permitted to leave with a promise that he has to come back for a hearing from the Immigration and Refugee Board.

All the refugee claimants have to submit their history within 28 days to the refugee board. Post this; the hearing would start nine months after this. However, this completely depends on the amount of backlog. Incase, the refugee protection is denied to the asylum seeker, he is still permitted to ask for a judicial review in the federal court. Before deportation, this procedure could take up to three years.

However, with the new laws in place, this process would speed up. With the new guidelines in-effect, hearings can take place within 60 to 90 days where as the claims which are not legitimate would be removed within two years.

At the same time, if a person has already been granted this refugee protection in Canada or in any other nation would not be eligible for the same. More so, those might turn out to be security threats or have violated international or human right or have been involved in criminal activities are not eligible.

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