At A Glance Quebec Population & Geography

Quebec, also known as ‘La Belle Province’ in French, which means the ‘beautiful province’, is located in the Central Canada, and has French as its official language. Approximately 85% of its population speaks French and it is the second most populated province in Canada.

The province is pretty famous for several reasons, such as high standard of living, top tourist destinations, rivers, dense forests, artistic hubs and water ways, to name few.

The province is one of the safest provinces to live and work, and it has been reported that in North America, Quebec has the minimum crime rate, which means it is an ideal place to raise a family. The popular ‘Quebec City’ is its capital city, which is full of modern amenities and ample of job opportunities. The city clearly reflects old ties, culture and lifestyle of the people who have lived here in the past.

Economically, the province is self sufficient and has a robust economy. Its people are innovative, warm, welcoming and hospitable who help foreigners feel at home, away from home.

A large number of people are eager to call ‘La Belle Province’ their second home, and if you are among one of these people, then you must certainly familiarize yourself with Quebec Population and Geography as this information will help you fast settle down in the province.

Quebec Population & Geography


It has been estimated that the province has more than eight million inhabitants. The number makes the province as the most populated province in the ‘Land of Milk and Honey’. It is also a home to one of the world’s most valuable founder population, ‘the Quebec Founder Population’.

Quebec population is ethnically diverse in nature, as a large number of people from different parts of the world come to live and work here. However, the majority remain those coming from the US, UK and other European nations. A large number of its inhabitants are settled around the St Lawrence River which gives the inhabitants the most lively and exotic living experience.

Once you personally visit the province, you will get to interact with persons from wider backgrounds and will get to experience rich European culture.


Geographically, Quebec is the largest province in the nation. It shares its borders with Hudson Bay, Ontario and James Bay towards the west, Ungava Bay and Hudson Strait towards the north. Officially, the region has approximately 12,000 Kilometers of borders.

The Quebec territory has rich resources i.e. dense forest, rivers and lakes. Some of its industries–such as paper and pulp, hydroelectricity and lumber–are regarded the most precious industries. The province most populated region is in its south, i.e., Saint Lawrence River Valley–it is where the Quebec and Montreal City is based.

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