At A Glance Top Advantages of B1 B2 Visa for USA

Discovered somewhere in the mid seventeenth century, the federal republic, the United States of America, is one of the most ethnically diverse countries with multicultural values. The country needs no introduction. The US is the most developed country with well developed economy in the world, and is a prominent political force worldwide.

When we talk of immigration hotspots the first name that strikes us is that of the US. Located in North America, this biggest democracy in the world in terms of geographical area offers several easy to follow visa routes to move to its territories with B1/B2 Visa being just one such class.

Both B1/ B2 are non-immigrant visa category and broadly classified as B1 for business professionals and B2 is for pleasure or non business activities. To be eligible for any of the two aforementioned visas, you need to prove your purpose of visiting the widely loved immigration hotspot and that the stay will be of short period of time (temporary).

Usually, the two different categories are combined together and granted a ‘B1/B2 visa’ valid for a short term stay for the official purpose of business or pleasure, or for both.

Advantages of B1 and B2 Visa for USA

  • B1 and B2 visa is generally granted for 10 years with multiple entries if requested, but the duration of stay at a time is six months with the possibility of further extension in certain circumstances.
  • Extension of the visa is subject to the nature of work provided and the applicant has not violated the terms and conditions of their admission in the country.
  • B visas can be obtained quickly as compared to any other visa to the US.

Both business and pleasure covers different possible reasons to visit the federal republic country for business professionals.

B-1 visa can be used for following reasons:

  • Buy supplies and different utility materials.
  • Conduct business meetings and exhibit your work at different convention.
  • Negotiate with allies and sign contracts.
  • Appear for different types of exams held within the United States territory.
  • Perform business activities with certain limitations.

B-2 visa for pleasure may be used to:

  • Travel within the country
  • Pay a visit to any of your friend or family
  • Duly participate in different activities such as social or fraternal
  • Intend to either buy or sell estates
  • Undergo any medical treatment

Although the advantages of B1/ B2 Visa for USA are immense, if you intend to apply for B1/B2 visa, you must be able to prove to the consular that you are eligible to qualify and make the cut for it in accordance with the US Immigration and Nationality Act (INA). Furthermore, the section 214(b) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) believes that B-1/B-2 applicants are intending immigrants. You can overcome the legal presumption by simply proving:

  • The purpose of your visit is temporary for pleasure, medical treatment or business activity.
  • You intend to stay in the US for a limited period of time.
  • You have enough capital to cover all your travel expenses and stay in the nation.
  • You have a legal residential place and social and economic ties outside the US that will guarantee your timely return.

Non-immigrant visa application such as B1/B2 should be submitted in a country where the applicant is either a legal citizen or a permanent resident. Application submitted from other countries usually carries a risk of rejection although the common reason why the B1/B2 visa is refused is lack of enough evidence of family, economic or social ties with his or her native country.

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