Attack in Australia – Victim – An India Cabbie!

Indians dying… bodies getting burnt… Gurudwara being torched… people getting assaulted… What’s happening?

I am tired of writing news on racial attacks on Indians but the Australians are not getting tired of abusing and assaulting Indians on a regular level. Rather than honoring and taking care of Indians, who are like guests in their country, Aussies are making their lives hell every single moment. These Indians, with lots of hopes in their eyes, come to Australia to study and make their future but end up being the victim of racial attacks, some even paying the price with their deaths!

In a recent incident, an Indian taxi driver, aged 24, was assaulted and verbally abused by a passenger, this Friday. He found refuge at the Ballarat service station but was followed by the passenger as more assaults were in store for him. The passenger also got into an argument with a man at a petrol bowser before damaging the cab and a GPS device.

According to a police spokeswoman, the accused, aged 48, has been arrested and kept into custody for further interrogation. The taxi was also damaged to certain extend. No serious injuries have been found on the victim, but the incident would surely play its own role in hampering the image of Australia as a racist country further!


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