Professional Investor Visa Category!

Intending to migrate to the land of Kiwis under the Active Investor Migrant Category? Well, in that case you can fly to the country through three types of visas. How about migrating under the Professional Investor Visa? But, before you start making your planner, let’s have a look at the requirements set by the Immigration New Zealand for applicants of this visa category.

Below are a few requirements to obtain the Professional Investor Visa:

  • You must be 64 year-old or younger.
  • You must have at least NZ$10 million to invest, out of which $2 million should be actively invested.
  • You must meet the minimum English language standards.
  • You must have good character and normal health.

Once an applicant is issued with the Professional Investor visa, he/she will need to invest the funds in New Zealand for a period of 4 years. Besides, he/she will need to spend a minimum period of 109 days each year in New Zealand during second, third and fourth years of the investment period.

The individual/individuals with approved visa are given conditional permanent residence, as per the Immigration Act 1987 (section 18A). Once the requirements, such as investment for the 4 years and spending 109 days of the year in New Zealand are fulfilled, the individual will be provided with unconditional permanent residence permit.

Individuals with approved Professional Investor Visas are also provided with Returning Resident’s Visas. A RRV allows an individual to travel in and out of New Zealand for 2 years as a New Zealand resident.

For more information on Professional Investor Visa Category, contact an Immigration and Visa Consultant!

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