Attention Mechanical Engineering Technologists and Technicians! You Are Wanted Under FSW Program 2014

The inclusion of Mechanical Engineering Technologists and Technicians (NOC 2232) under Canada FSW program 2014 has increased the popularity of the occupation. These professionals provide technical support and services to mechanical engineers in various fields, such as designing, development, maintenance and testing of machines, different components, tools, heating and ventilating systems, power generation and power conversion plants, manufacturing plants and equipment. Key employers are consulting engineering, manufacturing and processing companies, institutions and government departments they may also work as a freelancer.

Key Responsibilities

Mechanical Engineering Technologists

  1. Prepare and infer conventional and computer-assisted design, engineering designs, drawings, and specifications for machines and components, power transmission systems, process piping, heating, ventilating & air-conditioning systems.
  2. Get ready cost and material estimates, project schedules and reports and perform tests and analyses machines, components and materials to determine their performance, strength and other characteristics.
  3. Design moulds, tools, dies, jigs and fixtures for use in manufacturing processes and inspect mechanical installations and construction.
  4. Organize contract and tender documents, and supervise, monitor and inspect mechanical installations and construction missions.
  5. Set up standards and schedules and supervise mechanical maintenance programs or operations of mechanical plants.

Mechanical Engineering Technicians

  1. Assist in preparing conventional and computer-assisted design engineering designs, drawings and specifications.
  2. Carry-out a limited range of mechanical tests and analyses of machines, components and materials, assist in the design of moulds, tools, dies, jigs and fixtures for use in manufacturing procedures.
  3. Assist in inspection of mechanical installations and construction missions and take part in the installation, repair and maintenance of machinery and equipment.

Key Requirements

  1. A two or three year college program in mechanical engineering technology is required for mechanical engineering technologists.
  2. A one or two-year college program in mechanical engineering technology is required for mechanical engineering technicians.
  3. Supervised work experience of two years, is required before certification.
  4. In Quebec, membership in the regulatory body is required to use the title of Professional Technologist.

Work Profile

These professionals are responsible for planning and scheduling their own job tasks to achieve professional goals. Under the guidance of fellow engineers, they provide technical support and services such as drafting, designing and testing mechanical components or equipment.

They handle frequent disruptions and respond to emergency calls from clients when mechanical systems breakdown as per requirement they reschedule their activities to arrange maintenance calls and usually work on more than one project at a time. They coordinate their schedules with the activities of other members of the project team, including engineers, architects, machinists, and other technicians and technologists.

These experts meet the team members on a regular basis to share information, co-ordinate tasks and establish work schedules. Technologists often hold supervisory positions, participate in strategic planning, establish work schedules and coordinate the work of the team members technicians with years of experience may also hold supervisory positions.

Since the CIC has put a cap of 1000 on the number of petitions that can be presented, the applicants need submitting their petitions sooner than later.

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