Attention Sales and Marketing Managers! Australia Immigration Ready to Welcome You!

Lately, Australia is seeking skilled Sales and Marketing Managers to live and work on its soils. Against this backdrop, if your occupation is that of Sales and Marketing Manager, you are in-demand in the country. Your occupation finds mention in the Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO) 131112.

‘Oz’ or ‘Down Under’ is a beautiful country. Its high standard of living and quality lifestyle have made it as one of the most preferred countries to immigrate to for the immigrants almost every corner of the world. Significantly, the country is an active member of many international organizations, such as G20, WTO, UN, Commonwealth of Nations, and the Pacific Islands Forum.

Most prominent reason why people prefer Australia above any other country is its unmatched economic prosperity. Down Under is a free market economy and the government is committed towards providing protected unparalleled economic freedom–both to its citizens and the immigrants.

In today’s highly cut and throat competitive world, Sales and Marketing Managers are offered a secured and prosperous future as many Australian states are facing serious shortage of these professionals at the present. Via Australia Immigration, these professionals can gain a lot in life.

These experts plan, organize, monitor, direct, control, supervise and coordinate the sales and marketing activities within an organization. Their area of specializations includes Business Development Manager and Market Research Manager. As the demand for these professionals are high, the occupation has been mentioned on the prestigious Consolidated Sponsored Occupations List and the RSMS Occupations List.

Australia wants Sales and Marketing Manager

The expertise of these professionals plays an important role across the country and for their services they are rather paid an attractive salary package. For all those qualified Sales and Marketing Managers, the advice for you is that if you wish to do exceptionally well on the world map, you should head straight towards Australia. For people like you, the immigration opportunity are many.

Key Tasks  

  • Develop and execute different policies.
  • Build-up a planning strategy for advertising, public relations, sales and marketing in consultation with other team members.
  • Take initiatives to develop new project, market and advertise campaigns.
  • Organize and control sales activities.
  • Supervise merchandising methods and distribution policy by coordinating between salespersons, agents and distributors.
  • Supervise sales techniques and make arrangements by setting a price standard  and credit arrangements.

Skills Required

The entry requirement for these specialists is a three years Bachelor Degree or a two years post graduation degree. Not less than five years of germane work experience possibly will stand-in for the recognized qualification. In some particular instances, applicable experience and/or on-the-job training may be compulsory along with the approved qualification.

The profile of Sales and Marketing Managers are attractive and attracts thousands annually, but only a handful gets through. To be one of the successful applicants, you need to process your submission under the expert guidance of an experienced advisor.

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