Attention Social Workers 272511, Get Australia Immigration Services!

As per the available information, at the present, Down Under is rather keen to give a red-carpet welcome to skilled Social Workers and motivate them to stay and do a job in the country. Given this, in case your line-of-work is that of a Social Worker–as duly described in the Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO) 272511–then your talents are presently in demand in Oz.

The profession of Social Worker is given on the State Sponsorship List for one or more states or territories of Down Under even as you could easily make the grade and be accepted for a lower required pass mark in your points based work permit evaluation, and also for priority processing to increase the pace of your work permit petition.

Social work is a noble profession that aims to improve the quality of life of mainly those who are deprived of social advantages, mainly because of poverty. A person, who is a practitioner of social work, is known as Social Worker. Today, due to economic disparity, almost every country is in dire need of skilled Social Workers, and as mentioned before, the Land of Kangaroos is no indifferent.

Australia Immigration Services for Social Workers

To successfully make the cut and find acceptance, seek and obtain professional help from the specialists. They could play a decisive role in your journey to Australia as a skilled Social Worker. Social Workers–mentioned under the ANZSCO code 272511, who dream of living and working in the Land of Kangaroos–would be happy to know that they may take the qualified assistance of professional Australia Immigration consultants and make the most of services to successfully live you dream in reality.

Job Description

These experts, i.e., Social Workers, are responsible of reviewing the social requirements of families, individuals or groups. They guide and assist them empower, via the use of a range of skills and resources. They help them to resolve chiefly social issues but in rare case help them to deal with personal problems also spread awareness related to social development, human rights and social developments.

To practice in Oz, the aspirants may be required either to register themselves or get hold of a license from the certified state or territorial authority.

Pay Package

Wages for these experts are rewarding and unparallel on international map. The average package starts with AU$54,642 with may increase sharply depending on the individual’s potential and performance.

Occupation Lists

The profession is mentioned on the following skill list:-

  • Skilled Occupations List
  • Consolidated Sponsored Occupations List
  • RSMS Occupations List

As the profession is mentioned on Skilled Occupations List (SOL) and Consolidated Sponsored Occupations List (CSOL) you may choose any visa category under General Skilled Migration category.

Visas under General Skilled Migration (GSM) category include the Skilled Nominated 190, the Skilled Regional Sponsored 489 visas, the Skilled Regional Nominated 489 or the Skilled Independent 189. Additionally, you may also submit an application for employer sponsored visas only in case you have a firm offer of job from an Australian employer.

Major Responsibilities

  • Act as a facilitator between clients in need and community services.
  • Carry-out case interviews of both individual and families in order to identify the severity of clients problems.
  • Cooperate and coordinate with community organizations, voluntary groups and social organizations, improve present services and develop fresh ones.
  • Keep an eye on the development of clients via generating an inventory and accumulate the records and case records accordingly.
  • Plan and apply research missions to address the requirements of the clients, organization’s aims and social policies.
  • Lead and help the implementation of various pilot ventures in community development.
  • Review a mixture of resources of welfare, lodging, health, employment and other associated community services.
  • Scrutinize, develop, endorse and employ an assortment of social policies utilizing their experience, investigative quality, negotiation skills.

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