Attention Support Engineers, Time Favorable for Australia immigration!

At present, the demand for skilled Support Engineers is extremely high in Australia. So, if you wish to take your career to new heights, then you should consider moving to the ‘Land of Kangaroos’. As the country requires a large number of such professionals, it’s easy to move to it using the ANZSCO Code 263212.

By and large, the country has become a popular immigration destination among immigrants and Support Engineers are just one of them. If you are ready to embrace new culture and work in a new environment which is competitive yet healthy, where you will get equal opportunity to grow and are eager to push your professional limitations, then you should not waste a moment extra and should prepare to submit your visa application.

Australia Immigration for Support Engineers

Job Description

Also known as Technical Support Engineers, they address the customer’s queries and suggestions regarding their company’s product, via phone or e-mail. They may also trouble shoot technical problems and may address issues highlighted by different departments of their company, such as manufacturing, operational and sales unit. They also suggest or identify faults to improve their firm’s product through analyzing and investigating. They help enhance product knowledge and make technical support easy.

Personal Skills

  1. Excellent communication skills– both written and oral.
  2. Ability to work in a team and deliver under pressure within the given deadline.
  3. Provide quick response and committed towards quality service.
  4. Ability to solve technical problems.
  5. Clear understanding of web technologies.
  6. Strong desire to learn in a new environment.
  7. Can easily maintain customer rapport.

Key Job Responsibilities

  1. Schedule and carry out quality audit inspections, investigate and review systems, documentation and data.
  2. Make out variations and high risk areas as per procedure and standards.
  3. Advocate plans for remedial action and improve the resolution of non compliance as per the standards identified via auditing and monitoring of procedures.
  4. Speak, educate and liaise with users to make sure to adhere to set standards, activities, procedures and quality control issues.
  5. Assess in troubleshooting, diagnose, test and resolve system problems.
  6. Build up, conduct and provide technical assistance and provide training in operational procedures and application software.
  7. Investigate, evaluate and make a diagnosis of technical issues such as maintenance, repair and installation. Upgrade, configure and troubleshoot desktops, hardware, database, printers, software, internet and operating systems.
  8. Test, identify and make a diagnosis of functional errors and technical faults in systems, follow guidelines and quality standards to check systems perform as per specifications.
  9. Appraise technical documentation such as operational guidelines and instructions, and maintenance of inventory systems.

In Australia, such professionals get to work in well seated indoor environment which is generally formal in nature outdoor responsibilities are not much. Support Engineers who wish to avail Australia Immigration may easily do so using Point based General Skilled Migration (GSM) programme or Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS), & Temporary Business (Long Stay) (Subcategory 457). Significantly, the present time is perfect for this purpose, for these experts.

For more information, consult an Australian Immigration expert or visit the official website of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP).

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