Australia – A Prominent Immigration Country for Skilled Migration

Australia is highly popularized as an evolving nation for getting dream-work opportunities as well as finding better lifestyle. Thanks to its flexible visa policy and simple immigration requirements that lure skilled migrants from all over the world and cater their dreams of migration to Australia.

Today, the land of kangaroos has a great dominance over other countries for being the most accessible destination for skilled migrants. The land of kangaroos got a huge exposure for introducing radical changes by removing all barriers that discourage migrants from entering the nation.

Australian government’s effort towards attracting skilled migrants is quite visible, introduced several changes considering the needs. The Australia Skilled Migration program underwent a major revolution (from permanent to temporary permit and points-based to employer-sponsorship) and finally came out as an effective program for attracting a large number of job seekers from across the globe.

The above are some major changes that have been introduced recently to make the skilled migration program faster and also to grant more visas to enter the country. Of course, the wonderful effort of revamping the program finally delivered a positive outcome and Australia witnesses a large number of skilled migrations for past few years.

Besides, the idea of privatizing the skilled migrant program was noticed as pretty advanced as majority of labor migrants came through the employer-nomination. The Temporary Skilled Migrant witnessed huge demand among migrants as compared to permanent skilled migrant program. It almost surpassed the permanent skilled migration program. Statistically, 110,570 migrants entered into Australian territories in 2007-08 as compared to 108,500.

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