Is Australia a Better Destination for Job Prospects?

Our discussion regarding job opportunities for immigrants can be started by including many developed countries, but can’t complete without discussing about the Commonwealth of Australia has really an edge over all countries for having riots of employment opportunities to cater the desires of millions of foreign immigrants in different sectors. Australia’s major success on the way of economic development verifies the above fact clearly by reflecting a tremendous economic performance with low inflation rate.

The highly competitive Australian economy, managed by skilled workface and growing private sector, successfully uprooted the major problem of unemployment and gave a reason to foreign workers to choose the country to make their dream fulfill by discovering their desired job. Even though the word’s sixth largest country witnessed a major menace caused by the recent global slowdown prevailed worldwide, it finally recovered its legacy in economic growth by taking some drastic steps.

Today continuous economic growth made Australia in high demand among skilled workers, who are highly anxious to migrate to the nation by witnessing a balanced Australian job market that is in full recovery mode – with an estimated figure of 19.1 % growth in advertised job – seen as the biggest jump in past 11 years.

As far as occupation is concerned, Australian occupation list is quite impressive and gives a certain kind of hope to all job seekers by including almost all popular and fast growing occupations. Needless to talk about IT jobs in Australia as it is regarded as a better sanctuary for IT professionals who can easily discover a wonderful way to touch the apex in their specialization by finding highly skilled job where they can enhance their skills and get better salary package.

Some major IT companies like Google, NetApp, OBC, Gartner, Distribution Central, Kiandra System Solution, Tramada, are recognized as the biggest market players in IT sector in Australia – often face shortage of skilled professionals as they announce their vacancies in bulk that can’t be fulfilled only by Australiancitizens. Such IT companies successfully made their stand strong in a toughest Australian market and created an astir among job seekers by offering career-oriented jobs.

Apart from that, the highly developed country is also taken into consideration for providing jobs in various other sectors like Organic Farming, Accounting, Investment Banking & Security Brokerage, Child Care Service, Financial Planning & Investment Advice, General Hospitals, Biotechnology and more. The recent statistic clearly reveals the substantial employment growth in all sectors and growing business opportunity in the country.

The booming job opportunities and strong base of Australian economy also reflects government’s much acclaimed endeavor to create several employment programs – the IEP (Indigenous Employment Program) can be taken an example in this regard. Aiming to increase outcomes indigenous Australian employment, the program was started with a tremendous effort by the government and consisted with several points that explain the things related to encourage and offer support to indigenous Australians by providing better job opportunities.

Besides, the growing number of investors and businessmen in Australia – triggered a dynamic growth in economy led an extensive development in job opportunities in Western Australia, Northern region and South Australia.

If you are keen to avail such job benefits in Australia, you can find your way to do so under Australian General Skilled Worker Program, consisted of some basis requirements that have been listed below

  1. The applicants must be under 45 years old
  2. He/she must be proficient in English
  3. He/she must meet the qualification criteria and also possess relevant wok experience in any of the listed occupations
  4. The applicants must meet all the health and character requirements
  5. The applicants can score additional points, if their family or spouse meets the basis criteria like age, language proficiency and more
  6. The applicants can score additional points if they have completed their education in Australia
  7. The applicants can score additional points if their occupations are in high demand in Australia
  8. If applicant’s family or spouse resides in Australia, they have probability to strengthen their application

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