Australia Blinks, Reverses Its Negative Parent Visa Sponsorship Policy Change

In a very positive development–from the perspectives of those interested to bring their parents to Australia via sponsoring them and also the would-be visitors-the in-office Turnbull Government will, reportedly, do away with its debatable amendments to the Parent Visa Sponsorship regulations, allegedly, to stop a looming Senate defeat.

The remarkable U-turn arrives in the wake of the increasing criticism from the migrant societies even as it will entirely reverse the changes, only a month after they were started by the incumbent Social Services Minister.

As per the information that we have on the subject, the minister in question sent across a letter recently ratifying the administration would forget the directive rather than be subjected to a thin defeat in the Upper House.Parent Visa Sponsorship Policy

The changes-which reportedly came into force in April this year-meant that the residents required much more wages to usher-in their parents to Down Under on a visa. A person, making an effort to sponsor his two parents, would require illustrating he takes home yearly earnings of $86,607, up from roughly $45,000 under the preceding laws.

Reportedly, the administration will go back to the previous laws and will “reassess” any migrants who presented an application since the April amendment.

The U-turn represents a considerable departure from the previous stand as the last month the said minister had informed the media that the improvements were required, to confirm that the migrant parents did not exert lots of pressure on the welfare arrangement.

Then the minister had, reportedly, proclaimed that the Australian Administration was keen to confirm that the newly-arrived migrants possessed the financial capability to take care of themselves, money-wise, while also guaranteeing the social security system continued to be bearable.

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